By marketing together we are making a difference!


Mission Statement

"To coordinate the efforts of producer marketing groups to benefit and sustain organic producers."

Aims and Objectives

  • Strengthen the marketing programs of member organizations.

  • Inventory production and manage organic marketing in a responsible manner.

  • Exchange pricing and marketing information among member organizations.

  • Develop and support communications among organic producers.

  • Research, support, and enhance market development.

  • Assist producers and consumers in broadening their knowledge of organic marketing concepts.

  • Promote public policy, research and education in support of sustainable agriculture.

Member Benefits

  • Share reliable price information with other OFARM producer groups.

  • Develop reliable inventory information.

  • Remain current on markets and market trends.

  • Strengthen your position in the market by eliminating one-on-one negotiations with buyers.

  • Develop and monitor producer-friendly contracts.

  • Develop and monitor a list of sound, creditworthy buyers for OFARM member groups.

  • Enhance opportunities to add new crops and agronomic practices to farm rotations.

OFARM Structure

Delegates to the annual meeting are elected by each member organization. One delegate will be allowed for each 10 members of an organization.

Representatives to the Board of Directors will be elected or appointed by each of the member organizations.

The Board of Directors will elect a president, and vice president from the Board and appoint the secretary and treasurer.

Producers elected to leadership and delegate positions must be certified organic producers

who participate in the marketing programs of their organizations.

The Commodity Coordinating Committee will serve as a first line of communications between producers and those responsible for marketing producers’ organic products. The committee will be responsible for providing a reasonable procedure for producer input to establish pricing goals and policies.

How can I be part of OFARM?

Become a member of a marketing group already under the OFARM umbrella. This is an effective marketing network providing benefits for members. Check the contact list for these groups.

Get the communication started to get your group involved if your marketing group is not a part of OFARM.

Start a new marketing group. Producers in your area may need or want their own OFARM affiliated marketing group. OFARM can help you. Only producers can be members.

The Capper-Volstead Act of 1922 gives qualifying farmers the right to organize to price their products. Qualifying farmers are,  “individuals engaged in the production of agricultural products who make the marketing decisions for that production.” 

OFARM is a cooperative incorporated in the State of Minnesota as a marketing-agency in common.