Reasons to buy quality organic grains from OFARM:

  • Helps reduce costs of grain procurement through network marketing

  • Provides customized grain supplies to meet your needs

  • Minimizes variations in grain quality

  • Develops long-term contracts for stability

  • Identity preserves shipments from farmers

  • Timely delivery in the necessary quantity and quality

  • Reduces the impact of weather through wide geographic coordination

  • Gives you the advantage of dealing with single or multiple sources of grain

OFARM member producers:

  • Meet strict certification standards

  • Use sustainable organic farming practices

  • Maintain quality

  • Care for the land and communities where they live

  • Are leaders in the industry and their communities

Making Things Easy

Imagine picking up the telephone and making a single call to source a supply for your organic grain needs. A call to one of the largest organic groups in North America, with a decade of experience putting together large blocks of the highest quality organic grains, with the absolute minimum supply variability.

We're OFARM, the Organic Farmers' Agency for Relationship Marketing.

To source organic grain to meet your needs, contact one of our member organizations today.