National Farmers, a non-profit organization, began in 1955 as a way for producers to communicate agricultural and rural concerns to congressional and local leaders. Today, National Farmers Organization has grown into a sophisticated source for ag risk management products and a smarter way to market commodities.

The vision of better farm marketing began in the 1970s, when National Farmers created grain, livestock and dairy sales programs. And producers in 37 states began realizing the positive ways marketing plans impact their farm businesses.

With expertise in milk, wheat, corn, soybeans, hog and cattle sales, National Farmers has developed business relations with international commodity buyers. Each year, we negotiate better prices and sales terms for millions of dollars of commodities for our farmer-members.

For decades, National Farmers has strived to develop new ideas in agricultural marketing – ideas that benefit independent and family producers.

Originally, based in Corning, Iowa, the national headquarters was relocated to Ames, Iowa, in 1989. Iowa’s Golden Circle, which encompasses the Des Moines metropolitan and Ames areas, is a major center for agribusiness. National Farmers’ current headquarters is located just a few minutes from Iowa State University, a leading agricultural research institution


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