Central Plains Organic Farming Association

The Central Plains Organic Farming Association (Formerly Kansas Organic Producers Association (KOP)) is a marketing/bargaining cooperative for about 60 organic grain and livestock farmers located primarily in Kansas, with some members also in bordering states. KOP’s purpose is to help build markets for organic grain and livestock and to represent it s members in negotiating sales and coordinating deliveries of organic products.KOP was first organized in 1974 as an education association for organic farmers to promote organic agriculture, develop organic certification standards, and establish organic markets.

By the late 1980’s several independent organic certification organizations were established and were certifying farms and other organic businesses. KOP members were involved with these efforts and in 1989 began certifying their farms with the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA). With a reliable organic certification program in place and a growing inventory of certified organic grain, KOP members felt the need to develop a more aggressive marketing program. In 1992 Kansas Organic Producers reorganized as a marketing cooperative to help build markets for organic grains and represent it's members in negotiating grain sales and coordinating grain deliveries.

Website: www.centralplainsorganic.com 

Contact Information

Ed Reznicek
General Manger
(785) 939-2032

Martin Eddy
Marketing Coordinator
(785) 525-7703

Adam Ptacek
Marketing Coordinator
(785) 342-0096