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OFARM Organic Livestock efforts to grow the organic livestock sector through group and network marketing:


OFARM subscribes to the basic principle that the growth of the US supply of organic production is dependent on fair and equitable returns with long term price stability so the US organic industry can thrive and grow to meet the ongoing increase in demand.  Consequently, OFARM leadership and producers have been discussing the devastating impacts on the increasing imports of organic grains and other products.   Although we view organic grain imports as a temporary stop gap in meeting current domestic needs, we simultaneously expect the integrity of the standards including inspections, and audit trails to be equal to the current protocol of the US supply chain.  This equivalency expectation is imperative if we are to retain absolute consumer confidence in the organic seal.  We further believe that it is in the US organic industry’s best interest to first support our domestic supply chain.  In the end we stand for a domestic organic pricing structure that should not be influenced by every whim and nuance of international trade.


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