Information on Proposed Tariff Damage Payments to Farmers

What you should know about the proposed $12B payments to farmers for economic harm caused by President Trump imposing tariffs on imports and responding countries imposition of reciprocal tariffs.

This is the link with information provided to me by Dr. Jennifer Tucker, USDA Deputy Administrator for the National Organic Program.
The article notes that Labor Day will remain the potential date for the kick-off of these programs – so I imagine more information will become available as that date approaches.  

It should be noted that Secretary Sonny Purdue has stated that this will not fully compensate farmers for injury.  

How this will impact organic producers and what the payment rates might be remains to be seen. FSA will be taking the lead on this so it would be good for you to contact your local FSA office and let them know you want to be informed about this program and how it impacts you as an organic producer.

Nothing is certain yet other than the announcement.  One stumbling block could be that the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules are such that a country causing a "trade war" cannot use subsidies to its producers which these payments would be viewed as.  If this plays out, nothing is certain.

We will continue to provide you with updated information as we receive it.