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Issues and happenings related to organic agriculture and OFARM of importance to organic farmers will be highlighted and discussed.

“Organic the Real Natural” is our newest project funded by the Ceres Trust. It is a series of 8 short videos (60-90 seconds) with organic farmers from across the Midwest telling their stories about why consumers should buy organic. Filming took place this past summer.

You can check out the videos at www.OrganicTheRealNatural.com. And be sure to send the link to all your friends and neighbors.

The demand for organic food continues to grow 15-20% per year and we want to keep it that way. It is of benefit to all of us to promote what is grown by organic farmers in order to maintain a viable profitable organic farming sector.

In subsequent posts, we will be addressing other issues of concern to organic grain and livestock farmers.

If you are a Midwest Organic Farmers Cooperative (MOFC) or Montana Organic Producers Cooperative (MOPC) member, be sure to attend your annual meetings.  MOPC’s is this week in conjunction with the Montana Organic Association conference and MOFC’s is next week in Sibley, IL on Saturday, December 13th.  Contact MOPC administrator Mark Smith at 406-667-2332 or MOFC general manager Merle Kramer at 734-429-9110 or 9109 for exact details.

And check back for our next blog installment by early next week.

Let me know what you think and any suggestions you have would be welcome.