Midwest Organic Farmers Cooperative Annual Meeting

I attended the Midwest Organic Farmers Coop (MOFC) annual meeting last Saturday, December 13th in Sibley, Illinois. Sibley is also the location of MOFC’s grain cleaning facility which they recently opened. MOFC is also in the process of completing a feedmill at Fairbury, IL. In addition, the coop offers a variety of seed including soybeans to its members specifically geared towards some of MOFC customer end users.

While conventional grain prices are in the tank, MOFC members had reason to celebrate their coop and members having a very good year in spite of the challenges of the weather. 

Some dedicated members drove 9 hours to attend the meeting from where they farm in Nashville, Tennessee. There were a number of new younger faces in the crowd as well.

I had the occasion to show OFARM’s “Organic the Real Natural” video series.  (Check them out at:  www.OrganicTheRealNatural.com)  MOFC member Harold Wilken and his son Ross were filmed on their farm  earlier this summer for one of the videos. As Harold noted, he likes the idea that Ross won’t have to handle a swimming pool full of chemicals because of farming organically ever.

Congratulations to MOFC and its members for a great year. MOFC is a proud member of the OFARM network of organic grain cooperatives. 

John Bobbe