The U.S. crop does not appear to be as robust as USDA was projecting

The U.S. crop does not appear to be as robust as USDA was projecting. And information reported by the OFARM member organization marketers on our twice monthly conference calls appears to bear that out for organic crops as well. A lot of conventional corn across the center of Wisconsin along the Highway 29 corridor which runs from Lake Michigan to just east of St. Paul, Minnesota is still in the fields. Test weights are running in the range of 51-52 pounds and moisture content is anywhere from 20 percent on the low end to 30+ on the high end. And a lot of corn, organic and conventional has considerable drying costs attached to it.

How this bodes for organic corn prices remains to be seen.  A recent article quotes Lynn Clarkson, of Clarkson Grain in Illinois that 50% of the U.S. organic corn supply is imported.  And there are indications that imports have the potential to impact organic corn prices in the early months of 2015.

Bottom line is, be in touch with your OFARM member organization marketer to discuss your marketing needs, what you have to sell and when you need to sell it. Strategic market planning will be a key in the coming months and they are there to help you maximize your potential dollars for what you have to sell. The contact information for the marketers is listed on this website under "Member Organizations."